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Here are links to more information about relationship-to-profit theory and the Not-for-Profit World model.

Book: Relationship-to-Profit: A Theory of Business, Markets, and Profit for Social Ecological Economics

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Book: How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050

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Video: Short Intro to the Not-for-Profit Economy (by Scenario 2030)

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Article: Envisioning a
Not-for-Profit World
for a
Sustainable Future


Podcast: A World Without Profit (Upstream Podcast episode)

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Academic article: Fit for purpose? Clarifying the critical role of profit for sustainability


Video: Alive in the Anthropocene - Towards an Economy that Allows Life on Earth to Thrive (hosted by ShiftN)


Article: Syftet med vinst avgör (published by Grus & Guld)

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Video: The Transformative Potential of the Not-for-Profit Economy (hosted by the Schumacher Institute)


Article: A Circular Economy for Sustainability, not for Profit

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Article: A Not-for-Profit World Beyond Capitalism and Economic Growth?


Podcast: Rethinking how profit is used (on Circular Economy Podcast)

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Video: Investment for Sustainability, not for Profit (hosted by TBLI Group)


Interview: How to make an economy that works for people and planet (hosted by Future Framed TV)

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Academic article: Five dimensions of post-growth business


In-depth interview: An economy not-for-profit (with Growth Paradigm podcast -- our discussion starts at minute 14:00)


Video: 13-minute Introduction to the Not-for-Profit World


Article: A Not-for-Profit World Economy Can Change the Monetary System (published by Positive Money)


Article: How on Earth? Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit Economy by 2050 (published on Medium)


Article: Beyond capitalism: not-for-profit business ethos motivates sustainable behaviour (published in The Guardian)


Academic article: Limits to Profit? A conceptual framework for understanding profit and sustainability (PEN Working Paper)


Academic article: Profit as a Means or an End? A conceptual framework (PEN Working Paper)

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Podcast: What if we shifted to a not-for-profit economy? (with Rob Hopkins and Della Duncan)

Magazine Stack

Book chapter: A Not-for-profit Economy for a Regenerative Sustainable World (in Transformation Literacy)

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