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I am a systems researcher and activist in the field of sustainable economy. My work focuses on how societies relate to profit and how this relationship affects global sustainability challenges. I developed relationship-to-profit theory, which uses systems thinking and institutional economics to explain how key aspects of business and markets drive social and ecological sustainability outcomes. I started developing this theory in the book How on Earth, which outlines a conceptual model of a not-for-profit market economy – the Not-for-Profit World model. I hold a PhD in Sustainability Science from Stockholm University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Clermont Auvergne. As an activist, I collaborate with civil society organizations, businesses, and policy makers to transform the economy so that it can work for everyone within the ecological limits of the planet. I am a senior research fellow at the Schumacher Institute and have been a core member of the AdaptEconII project, the Post-Growth Economics Network, 36x36, Transition Athens, and the Post Growth Institute.

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